Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Cool-Hunting Sucks in '06 (part 2)

Cool-hunters are out of touch with the real world.
Example: Josh Spear. Dude, you're, what, 21 and making more than most people's parents combined? You are not in-touch with the average young adult by a long-shot. You cannot observe "cool" when you're so far-gone participating in only the most elitist forms of "cool". You are a "brand evangelist", not a "brand consultant". You prey on the naivete of the lazy and desperate, and that is low-hanging fruit, my friend. You should really get your head out of your ass, because your shit totally stinks.

Cool-hunters don't practice what they preach.

Example: Cool Hunting. Pretension is so not cool, guys. Are you cool enough to tell me what's hot and what's not? Then you're cool enough to allow comments on your site and discuss with your readers the sycophantic and shameless plugging you do on a regular basis. You're also cool enough to site your sources, instead of pretending you've discovered something a week after it's been on one of the sites you routinely pilfer for content. You're cool enough to cut the bullshit. Or you're just not that cool after all.

Cool-hunters are little more than list-makers.

Example: The Cool Hunter. This site is a freaking grocery list, of every fad and gadget you can't afford to buy. You can't tell the ads from the editorial. That's not cool, and there's no hunting involved. WTF is up with your inflated sense of importance? Dumpster diving is as cool as what you do, but far less greedy.

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